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De Mayerne Manuscript.pdf (2022)

References External links Category:1614 deaths Category:Flemish Baroque painters Category:People from Mechelen Category:Flemish artists (before 1830) Category:Flemish Baroque painters Category:Flemish history painters Category:Flemish genre painters Category:Flemish portrait painters Category:Flemish Mannerist painters Category:Year of birth uncertainOne can only watch in horror as Hillary Clinton unveils her health care plan at the First in the Nation Presidential Forum last week, knowing she is going to have a stroke and die within a year and that her last wish is to be buried at sea off the coast of Cuba. In any event, on Friday morning, the cabal of dark figures, who have been plotting her slow demise for many months, had a flashback of seeing her for the first time at that famous Senate hearing where she was accused of leaking classified information when she was caught on video with her head buried in her lap watching a Keynote address, with the name Obama on the screen. Why oh why can’t Hillary Clinton learn to play with a different set of political cards? This time she has used the full gamut of cards and did so in a fashion that left the playing field strewn with corpses, some of whom are still breathing. Instead of the usual generic and highly-charged attacks on the Republicans and President Trump, she chose to launch a wide-ranging attack on the Catholic Church, its beliefs and the moral values that they have been upholding for centuries. The major premise of Hillary’s new plan is that there is a nationwide epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly in the age group 18-24, and that the best way to deal with it is to inject the young with free birth control pills. It’s all very well to call them “birth control pills” but in fact they are abortifacients. The young, who are the most pro-life demographic in the population, are having all their eggs harvested from their ovaries, no more waiting around for them to be fertilized in the Fall, no more waiting to become mothers and no more “have-not” children that would otherwise be born in need of food and shelter. They don’t care for the moral side of these types of policies. The young, who are the most pro- ac619d1d87

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